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Hyper[borea] Discography:


  • MagneticJungle (vinyl/cd/ep 1995)

  • Serpentine (cd/lp 1996)

  • Conlach (cd/ep - dance remixes released with Serpentine 1996) 

  • Mystura (mini-cd/Ip - released late 1998) 

  • Ten Years Under the Earth  (cd/lp 2000)

  • Sylph (included on FEED YOUR HEAD 4 the new Planet Dog Compilation) 

  • Gaelactica (CD 2002)


Associated Discography: 


  • Drive (cd for Japanese release) with legendary German composer Hans Joachim Roedelius & Japanese electronic outfit Pi-Model.

  • Drive (Extended remixes - released April'99 by Ryko) also includes Alex Patterson Remix-remix (sic). 


Connections/ projects:


  • Tom Green has worked with The Orb and with his own projects, Another Fine Day and Strange Attractor while continuing to add support and creativity to Hyper[borea].

  • Hyper[borea] have contributed a re-mix track to the UK compilation Now What Kind of Music Do You Call That put together and released by top electro-Liverpudlians, Timeshard. 

  • Dulaman (tribal club mix) has been included on the Welsh techno- compilation Crai Techno 2 (sounds of the Welsh underground). 

  • Si Brixton Skank Mix has been used for the title music of the RTE TV series Streetwise

  • Hyper[borea] have played The Heineken Groove Weekender, The One World Festival, BBC MUSIC LIVE (with Jah Wobble) and have supported the likes of Gavin Friday, Ism, Future Loop Foundation, Timeshard, Land of My Mothers  and Watercress.


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